My Three Girls| Mid Coast Maine Pet Photographer

We have three... count them three labrador retrievers. The oldest is almost 14 the youngest just over 3 months. We know we don't have long with Chloe our oldest lab, the dog that made us fall in love with the breed. She has trouble getting up and down the steps and her appetite isn't nearly what it used to be but she still goes out for her daily walkabout and until that stops I just can't make THE decision.

We got Ms. Chloe when our middle son was 4 days old and we were coming off the tragic loss of 3 other dogs( a long sad story for another day).  She was exactly what we needed at the time.. an alpha dog who didn't need constant attention, in fact if she wanted attention she would let you know otherwise she wanted to be left alone to do her own thing. She loved Gavin like he was her own and as he got older she would let him do just about anything he wanted to her, use her as a step stool, a mattress, his lovey... whatever he needed she was there. Her gentle way with him and her quiet love of us cemented in all our hearts the fact that labradors were our dog, the only dog we would ever own.

We had Chloe for 12 years before we decided it was time for a puppy, actually I begged for a puppy for a few years before Paul finally relented and said yes. I am an immediate gratification kind of girl so I got out the Uncle Henry's and started looking the MOMENT he gave the go ahead. We found ONE black labrador girl puppy available, so we called the breeder up and headed out that day to look at her. haha like "looking" doesn't mean "you are coming home with a puppy". So we got Ms. Izzy, the most loving, silly labrador ever. She is my constant companion and if there is such a thing, my doggy soul mate.

Shortly after getting Izzy we ran into a friend who also breeds labs, she had always said she wanted to place a dog with us and she was ready when we were. We told her to give us a year to get Izzy under control and then we would be ready. Again we went awhile without seeing her and the thought of another puppy faded a bit but then I had her son in class one day and I jokingly said "when are you guys having more puppies?" He told me they had a litter due that October.. that was all it took. I called Karen and the rest you all got to see documented here on the blog, from the time those puppies were a few days old to the day Ms. Poppy came home with us. She is a spunky little girl, with lots of love and LOTS of energy and she talks back when she is being reprimanded. She is the perfect mix of Chloe's indepence and Izzy's silliness.

Now we have three and I love having three, I love seeing all three of my girls out roaming the property, playing in the snow and generally loving life.

I know that this is the last year we will have three, I know that next year two will become our normal and I will love it but I will miss My Three Girls.


Ms. Chloe today on her walkabout, she was pretty upset tht I kept getting in her face. LOL

Ms. Izzy digging under a tree for small critters that she just knows live there but she can never quite catch.

Ms. Poppy being rather put out that Izzy was off wandering and left her tied up and unable to follow.


And my human girl watching the antics. :)