Maine Wedding Photographer {justin & juliet}

I have started and stopped writing this blog post probably 10 times and written and rewritten it in my head at least 100 more. I just don't know where to begin, there is so much to say, but mostly it boils down to; Justin and Juliet... I love you, I love you, I loooOoovve you(picture Will Ferrell in Elf singing that, it's much more effective).  *uncomfortable silence* *clearing throat* Was that too much, a little over the top?

Okay so moving on... as I was saying..don't know where to start.. blah, blah, blah, so I guess I'll just start at the beginning and as we go along I would like to point out a few differences in the way brides and grooms get ready for the big day.

Juliet, was up at the crack of dawn(I'm assuming but she was definitely up early) she finished up last minute details that needed doing, frantically called me to let me know she was going to be a bit late getting ready. I arrived at 12:45 ish and was met with the typical chaos of a household that has a bride getting ready in it. I walked in and not one person wondered who the strange lady walking through the house was(Juliet was getting ready at her parents house), I was simply told "she's upstairs" and the voice who spoke was off again in a flurry of nervous activity. Juliet was in the process of having her hair done while everyone made sure that she had everything she needed. Because everyone else is already ready(this is mostly a house full of women) they are there for one simple reason, to help Juliet in any way they can. Juliet is one smart lady surrounding herself by family and friends who love and adore her and want to make her day the very best it can be.

I started out by taking photos of her shoes and dress and jewelry and in typical Juliet fashion they are all F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. ... seriously red shoes?! I think I wept just a little when I saw the shoes.

A few photos of her doting friends and family.

The little girls love the primping and fancy clothes( I didn't get any photos while getting ready of one little girl who kept hiding from my camera.. but there lots of her from the reception ha!)

Of course all of this leads up to the moment where Juliet transforms into a bride...I'm glad I get to have a camera in my face because no one got to see my tears :P

Justin was just a stones throw away in another house so Paul was there just seconds after dropping me off with Juliet. He got there to Ian(the best man) just getting in the shower, which Justin very thoughtfully suggested Paul take photos of but Paul declined. The kids were not dressed yet and Justin was just getting there. I will give Justin this.... this is better than most grooms who are either a) still sleeping when Paul arrives or b) not even thinking about getting ready because the wedding isn't for another 2 hours. 

Remember the entire hour and a half I was with Juliet she was prepping herself for the day, besides taking a shower and shaving Justin had one grooming task to take care of and that he handed off to his brother. That is one really great brother!

Then Justin clipped some ties on the boys and threw on his jacket and he was ready to go!

So let's see, guys roll out of bed a couple hours before the ceremony, shower, shave, pull nose hairs, throw on pants, shirt, tie(this can take a bit of time), shoes and jacket and are ready to go.

See look how easy it all is for them, 30 minutes prep time and tada!!!!

2 hours prep time and *gasp* *tears* Beautiful!

Thank you both for a wonderful day and for including Paul and I in it, we had a wonderful time and more than anything love seeing you both so happy!

xoxo Liz

PS I forgot to mention that Paul took all the photos of the guys and the little guys... I'm pretty lucky I have a husband that not only supports me but is talented as well!