Maine Senior Photography {for caitlyn}

Monday we met up with Caitlyn and her Mom and her boyfriend for her Senior pictures. Caitlyn and her family live just down the road from us and we have known them since we moved here 7 years ago when Caitlyn was just going into 6th grade!

It is bittersweet to see all of the kids from the neighborhood growing up and moving on.. we will miss them all cruising around the neighborhood, knocking on each others doors, asking to go ride bikes. *sigh* but we also know they will all go onto to do great things and move to neighborhoods of their own with kids knocking on each others doors.

Ahh but you didn't come here to listen to me wax nostaglic about the neighborhood kids so onto the photos!

Caitlyn's senior picture!

LOVE her dress and shoes.. seriously the shoes are too cute.

I love chippy, cruddy paint.. luckily Caitlyn does too. :)

Such a beautiful girl!

Thank you Caitlyn and Karen as always it is such an honor to be asked to take such important photos.

Have a fabulous rest of your Senior Caitlyn and good luck next year in all you do!

xoxo Liz