Maine Family Photographer {new friend}

You might remember Wendy and her family from their family shoot last year.  I met up with them again this past weekend at my brother's house for a new family session. Little Man C is a whole year older but still reallly not all that into looking at my camera(wait until next year and he'll be all about hamming it up for the lens!). Regardless I have a few tricks up my sleeve, even without my pez, and got him to look and smile my way! :D

Wendy picked one of the most popular times of year to have her family photos done, it's pretty easy to see why.

Just look for yourself!

Mr. C was showing me his dinosaur RAWRing skills.

"Don't lose your dinosaur" (I might be slightly obsessed with Will Farrell movies) 10 points for anyone who can tell me which movie that is from. :)

I'm not a huge fan of fall but even I have to admit this is simply beautiful... it must be the family that makes it for me.

Oh my just look at those big brown eyes, Mr. C is going to be breaking hearts all over the midcoast.

Once we moved up closer to the house, my nephew came out to say Hi.  Blake and Mr. C are about the same age and watching them together was too darn cute. Blake was practicing casting his fishing pole and gave Mr. C a lesson on how it's done.  He told him to "press the button like dis den chuck it like dis" ahhhhhh so cute!

They were just adorable together and when it was time to go Blake say "bye new friend". His Mum asked him what his new friends name was and Blake replied "hey kid" hahahaha I love little guys!

Thanks so much Wendy and family for having me out to take your photos again, it was a great time! xoxo Liz


PS I know you all haven't met Blake yet so I thought I would introduce one of my favorite little dudes.

name: Blake

age: 3

Favorite hobbies: anything Dad does

Favorite Auntie in Maine: me(umm yeah I'm his only Auntie in Maine, usually he runs from me he doesn't like it when I squeeze his chubby little cheeks, yeah I'm that Aunt!)

Favorite Cousins in Maine: Grady, Gavin and Lilia, he looks up to the boys and LOVES Lilia, usually hides his head behind his mother when Lilia comes into the room. LOL

Talents: making the best faces ever!

I have proof!