Mid Coast Maine Family Photographer {neighborly}

I live in a great neighborhood... it has it's moments of drama(what group of people doesn't) but everyone looks out for everyone here and the ladies in my neighborhood have been so wonderful and supportive of my business. I have taken photos of five families from the neighborhood and Megan and her family have come back multiple times and even brought extended family a couple of times! I love the neighborliness of where we live, even when there are times I curse it... like when the couple down the road know exactly what we had for dinner and what Paul and I were arguing about(not that we ever argue because we are the perfect couple you know{tic}.. but you get my drift), even then I love it.

I looked forward to this shoot all week. One because it's always nice to have a shoot with neighbors and two because I knew these two kiddos would be easy peasy lemon squeezy.  They are just a dream to work with and I gotta give to Dad he was pretty darn easy too, and we all know sometimes you Dads can be a little tough to get to look at the camera and smile. :)

K is a good big brother and one smart guy... he listened to directions and carried them out even helping little sister M know where to go. I mean not many adults understand my half arm motion half spoken language directions.. they usually go something like "move back*waving arms madly in a get away motion* about 2 feet" kids move back "Ok now turn like this *twisting body in a most unnatural position*" kids twist "SMILE" ... "wait I gotta move back *running frantically backwards, still looking through the camera*" "STAY! *giving hand signal I would normallly use for my dogs*" "Good!!!"

Yeah K was good with that...

M is a quiet girl but has a great little giggle on her and happens to be one of Lilia's favorite kids at the busstop. Lil comes home probably once a week gushing about how cute M is. Lilia has a point!

*note to Dads, Josh here is a great example of what to do at your family shoot. I promise if you just look and smile we will be done so much sooner and you'll make not only me happy but your wife too*

 K rocking out the posing! Again one of those half talk, half mimic me directions that he got right off the bat.

Again Dads take note.. smiling, eye contact=good and we're done!

I think I mentioned already I am not a huge fan of fall but this is so pretty I want my family portraits done right here! Even with the wind and the cold(sorry F family it was cold but I think it was totally worth it).

Thank you so much Megan, Josh and kids for coming out on a cold, blustery day and traipsing all over hill and dale for your photos.

xoxo Liz