Maine Family Photographer {family fun and dog poop too}

That's right, I said it, right there in the title for all to see my last session did in fact involve dog poop. Read on if you want to know why or if you don't read on anyway. :P


Michaela and her family had a session with me last year, one of my all time favorite sessions to date, it was just SO much fun. Since then we have become good friends again (we went to high school together a million and a half years ago) and it has been just as much fun over the last year getting to know her and her hubby and her kiddos. :) So when she said she wanted to schedule a shoot for her entire family (mom, dad, sister and her family) I was wicked excited. (we say wicked here in Maine... it means really or extremely, just in case you didn't know).

Michaela had the perfect spot picked out for their session and it was PERFECT.. golden late afternoon fall sunshine shining through Sugar Maple and Birch over looking the Damariscotta river.. perfect!

First up we got the big group shot out of the way.. but I'm not going to show you that one, it's a surprise. hehe  I gotta keep something as a surprise right?

Then we moved on to each family, unfortunately Michaela's husband, Jason, couldn't be there so we did a few of just her and the kids... and oh what cute kiddos they are. Mr. B totally into the camera again this year, he was all about the faces! Ms. S a little less into the camera, I think her cousins were doing something fun over there LOL

And then photos of Michaela's sister Erica's family.

Erica, Alan, Ms. L and Ms. H... if you ever happen to be in the area Erica has a great sandwich shop in town, Metcalf's. They have the BEST sandwiches in town.. the BEST! I highly recommend the #23 or if you are in the mood for a hot sandwich The Boss. Paul and I eat there probably once a week, it's that good!

Ok so enough about delicious sandwiches, Erica and her super cute family!

Then the cousins... I love the light and all the color here. Oh and the kids are pretty good too. *smirk*

I might.. just maybe... might have been saying stupid things to get them to smile, I am not above that. By the second picture I think Little Ms. S has me figured out and she is not impressed. LOL

I took each kid off to get single shots of them and while I was doing that one of the adults who shall remain nameless had the rest of the kids off in the field and was rolling around and generally being silly.. tickling, giggling... you get the picture. It seemed innocent and a good way to keep everyone entertained. Just keep in mind this particular area is a popular place to walk dogs. Just sayin'

First up Mr. B.. I told you he is ALL about the camera and this was the most serious shot I got of him. haha So cute!

Little sister Ms. S... what a poser! She had her ideas of how she wanted to pose it up and I gotta say I love it!

Ms. H, she loves to laugh .. honestly it was hard to find a photo of her where she wasn't laughing, but I did. Oh and doesn't she have the most amazing hair.. I always wanted red hair.

Lastly Ms. L, she had to be different so we found yet another amazing location for her, a little less autumn-y but still gorgeous!

And possibly my favorite photo of the day. Ms. S followed her big brother around all day and was just so into whatever he did, it was so cute. So when I asked her to give him a hug she was all about it and Mr. B was so good to roll with it. :)

We were done and then we all walked back up to our cars and I got out my magic treat bag for the little ones. The whole while everyone is *sniff sniffing* and looking around like 'OK who did that?!' Then we see it... on the back of poor Ms. S. Is that mud? It doesn't look like mud... NOPE dog poop! Again she who shall remain nameless, but was not Ms. S's mother or grandmother had been rolling around with the kids in the field that has been used by countless dogs. Good thing Michaela has a good sense of humor and I keep my car well stocked with wipes and hannaford bags. :)


Thanks SO much Michaela and family, I had a great time with you all and thank you for showing me yet another great spot for sessions. :)

xoxo Liz