Mid Coast Maine Family Photographer {new places and neighbors}

I love the town I live in, some people might think it's too boring or too rural or just not exciting enough but I love those things about Bristol. Paul and I have lived here for 11 years and we both grew up in towns within 20 miles of here but we are still not from here. I envy the families that have roots so deep they would rival a sequoia, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents all lived and worked and loved right here in this town. These families know all there is to know about this town, they know who lived in that house across from the store in 1963 and they know all the secret spots that someone who didn't grow up here, someone who didn't spend their childhood roaming the backyards and docks of their neighbors, would know. And that's why I love doing sessions with families with roots here in town, they take me places I didn't even know exisisted in my own town.

Stacey and her family were no different. When she called me to set up a time and place she asked me about doing photos at a certain location and honestly I had NEVER heard of it much less knew where it was located. LOL Turns out it is located in a part of town that I have only ever been in 3 times since I have lived here.. 3 TIMES.. that is just ridiculous! When we pulled in to our super secret location I have to say I was stunned, right there, just off the road, behind a line of trees was this gorgeous event center. Gorgeous building, gorgeous grounds and GORGEOUS views!

While the weather could have been more cooperative (it was windy and C.O.L.D.) the location more than made the slight discomfort worth it. Between shots I had the kids wrap up in their jackets or Dads to get warmed up, little Ms. M was all about getting warmed up in Daddy's jacket. :)

We met late on a friday afternoon so we were chasing the light and by the end of the session the moon was out but that early evening light was just gorgeous over the harbor.

I LOVE this photo of them, I love the interaction, I love the way they are all looking at M.. just love it!

Of course I had to get some shots of those two adorable kiddos... I mean seriously it was just not an option not too. We decided to move out of the wind and over to the side of the event center where they have these amazing rock walls and some really great fall color. They were the perfect backdrop for some great photos of the kids.

If you can get a boy(or girl) to laugh like the first shot you can almost always get them to look at the camera and get the second shot. A nice natural smile that lights up the eyes! Thanks to Dad for the big belly laughs!

Finally the adorable Ms. M, all I had to do to get her to smile was mention Disney or Mickey Mouse or put her anywhere near her brother I think she kind of idolizes him.

Thank you all so much for bearing with me in the cold and the wind... I had a great time and LOVE the location. :)

xoxo Liz