Maine Senior Photography {it's a boy... again!}

Today I got to meet someone I have been dying to meet for so long. A lovely lady I met online when we both decided to participate in a Picture of the Day challenge at a website we both frequented. We both started at about the same level.. she may have been just a bit better(read 10 thousand times) than I was. We found that we were both from Maine and in the big wide world of the www that is like finding a needle in a haystack, so we started chatting and commenting on each others blogs and before you knew it we were fast friends. I loved her quirky sense of humor and her sincerity plus she took some great still life shots that I really wished I could duplicate( I still do). AND she takes some pretty awesome sports photos too... I stink at sports photography, but she really captures the action and the kids so effortlessly.

A few months back she contacted me to do her son's senior photos, I of course said yes but I was nervous! "what if she didn't like them?" "what if I messed them up?" "what if <insert random insecurity here> ?"

So today was the day, we had decided to meet at the lighthouse and get a few shots there first... we pulled in and the lighthouse was busier than most days in the middle of summer! I quickly scanned the crowd as looked for a place to park and saw her... I knew it was her immediately, even as I second guessed myself and thought maybe not, my heart knew it was her. We hugged and said Hi and made our introductions and then got down to the business at hand.

I took a few photos at the lighthouse and then we headed to the fort because it is one of my favorite spots for photos of any kind.

As I shot, Cameron and I talked and he is one amazing kid, taking AP classes, a college class at one of Maine's and the nation's most prestigious schools, an amazing athlete in not one but two sports and an all around great kid!

all that and a great smile!

It's not often that I meet someone with shoulders broader than Paul's...Cameron however was one of those someones.

 And probably my favorite shot of the day.. .I have had this shot in my head for quite some time but I haven't had a football player to create it with.

Becky and Cameron it was my pleasure to meet with you tonight. Thank you so much for your trusting me to take your senior photos! Cameron I know you will be successful in anything you do, you are just that kind of kid. Good luck next year and have a fantastic rest of your senior year.

Liz xoxo