Mid Coast Maine Photographer {chelsey+grady=florabella gorgeousness}

So right now, like right this minute you are all saying to yourselves, "what the heck does that title mean? how does girl+boy=florabella gorgeousness and just what is that anyway?", admit it, you thought it.

Florabella is Shana who creates the most gorgeous textures out there, I use them a lot... like a lot a lot, like if I were a first grader you would all be asking me if I wanted to marry florabella textures. That's a lot! They are the perfect match for the visions I have in my head when I shoot, I can always find the texture I need to create the exact mood I am going for with florabella. Want to check her out and see what I'm talking about? Just go HERE!

So back to the whole chelsey+grady thing, you all may not know Chelsey. She is Grady's girlfriend and super smart and totally pretty and quiet and HATES to have her picture taken. I am always trying to get a picture of her and she is always thwarting me at the last possible second, so when I needed models for a shoot last weekend I told Grady he and Chelsey needed to model for me and my photographer friends and he had to convince her to do it. And he did! Good boy Grady(don't forget to get your scooby snack). :P

So we headed off to the lighthouse to meet up with my photographer friends and shoot away, I actually wasn't expecting to get anything of Grady and Chelsey but I thought they might behave themselves for the other photographers and listen to them. Then I saw this shot.... holy eyes, holy beautiful, holy cuteness! I think it is the perfect pose for a teenage couple, not too intimate but still a connection(notice the inch of space between his back and her front ha!). I kind of love it and not because my kid is in it because lets face it he actually looks pretty goofy but Chelsey, she looks amazing!

So here is where I divulge all my secrets... how did I make it look like that?!

First I ran a florabella action called soft urban, it is one of my favorites!

Then I added the texture Vanity from texture setII, I look at it and thought it still needed something more, just a little boost, so what did I do? I added another texture, of course. FrouFrou also from texture setII was added next and *sigh* florabella gorgeousness(I might have had a little something to do with it, I did after all birth the child who brought the girl home who made it possible to take the photo in the first place, but I thought that was too long for a title).

and because I really love the shot in black and white.. here it is again.

xoxo Liz