Boothbay Harbor Photographer {shri jewelry}

While at the wedding of the ever fabulous Juliet and Justin I met Emery, she actually gave me a lift over to the wedding site from where Juliet was getting ready. Emery is also the lady who did Juliets hair and make-up for the big day.

Last week she contacted me for some shots of her jewelry line, Shri Jewelry, that had just been featured in a big fashion show in Portland, ME at the Port City Music Hall "Eat, Lust, Prey" put on by Meredith Alex.

I arrived having never seen her jewelry and not knowing what I was going to do. I did have a few ideas but all those flew out the window when I saw it all, bright, bold colors.. large chunky beads... I knew just what I wanted to do once I got my hands on them. 

All her pieces were simply perfect for creating gorgeous designs

and I had LOTS of fun playing!


You might be asking yourself what are these made of?

Well let me let Emery tell you all about the beads and how they are not only beautiful but changing lives for the better in South America, oh and helping out the rainforrests too.

"Each hand crafted piece of jewelry is made from the all natural tagua seed which is known as the "vegetable ivory". The seed which is grown in South America is a fair trade product that has become an ethical & sustainable alternative to the sourcing of mammal ivory from walrus, whales, and elephants. It has also generated work for the South Americans which decreases the infant work, as well as, providing an income for families as an alternative to the production of the cocaine and drug trade. "




Eco Friendly-check

Helping to better lives-check

This jewelry has it all!

 Head on over to Emery's facebook page Shri Jewelry and see how you can get some for yourself!