Maine Children's Photographer {mr.g and ms.e}

Yesterday  Paul and I headed out to meet Sam and her two little ones Ms. E and Mr. G.

When we arrived we were greeted by Ms. E smiling and ready to go and Mr. G who was a bit more hesitant to leave Mummy's arms and join in with the fun.

Ms. E showed me her amazing climbing skills on her rock in the yard.

Mr. G got down long enough to show us that he had some pretty amazing climbing skills of his own.

Then it started to rain.. big, fat, ice cold drops of rain/slush so we headed inside for a few photos. Ms. E was all about hamming it up for the camera.

Mr. G was still really unsure of me and the camera and well, just didn't want to leave his Mums side. So we just let him be and played with Ms. E until he had time to warm up to us.

Then the sun came out and we were back out the door to do a bit more backyard exploring. This time we found an even bigger rock for climbing and Mr. G did climb.. up one side and down the other, many, many times! He was defintely starting to be OK with the camera and the strange lady behind it. :)

After lots more rock climbing we headed back inside where I played an intense game of peek a boo around a bed with both G and E. Mummy joined us and was tackled with two little balls of giggling fun and the day was complete. <3

Thank you so much Sam for having us out to meet your two little ones.. we had a wonderful time getting to know both of them and you as well.:)

xoxo Liz