Mundane No More | Midcoast Maine Children's Photographer|

Last summer/fall our dryer broke, at the time I was hanging laundry on the line and really didn't care to spend the money to get a new one( I like hanging laundry as we established back a few posts ). As winter came on it made it a bit harder to get things out on the line, what with freezing hands and pants that end up being able to stand on their own I started using the laundromat. For about 3.00 I can dry all of our clothes for the week and usually a set or two of sheets. 

Really the only problem with the laundromat is it's B.O.R.I.N.G. I guess watching clothes dry is slightly more exciting than watching paint dry but definitely not top on my list for entertainment. Usually Paul comes with me and we throw the clothes in the dryers then run to Hannaford to pick up a few groceries and then back to the laundromat just in time to get our clothes out of the dryer and head home. By the way the attendant lady really doesn't like us very much, we're rebels with the whole leaving the premises while our clothes are drying, she always gives us the old hairy eyeball.

Anyway this particular trip to the most boring place on earth (alright that probably is the doctors office while you sit mostly naked waiting for what seems like hours for the doctor to come in and see you, but I like to add a little drama ok?)....where was I.. .oh yes the most boring place on earth... on this trip I was heading out alone so I sweetly said to Lilia "hey Lilia you want to come do the laundry with me? we'll go to the dollar store too." Lilia jumps at the chance to get out of the house and off we go. Little did she know I had ulterior motives..heh heh heh heh heh heh heeeeeh ( <---- that's an evil laugh in case you were wondering). We hit the dollar store and I casually pick up a pack of bubble gum and ask Ms. Lilia if she wants me to buy some, "oh yes!" she says, eyes round with delight..... ok so she doesn't really talk/act like that but again drama people. My evil plan is falling into place quite nicely .

We leave the dollar store and head to the laundromat, Lilia hops out of the car and helps me bring the laundry in( she really did do that). I grab my camera bag and stalk after her. That is when I spring it on her... "hey Lil, you're going to model for me while we dry laundry", she looks at me like I probably have lost the last little bit of sense I may have had, and awhile later when I hoisted her skinny butt up into the industrial sized dryer she knew for sure her mother had officially gone crazy. I had her blowing bubbles and  "open your eyes really wide" and "look left, NO your other left"  and "lean out.. moooorrrre..mooorrrreee" Until our laundry was dried and we could load up and go home.

Now how do I top that trip the next time I have to go?