Sarah and Ryan ~Mid Coast Maine Wedding Photographer~

Friday afternoon, what could easily be called one of the most gorgeous March afternoons in the history of March afternoons, I met up with my first wedding couple of 2010. Sarah contacted me back in the late summer 2009 and we have emailed and called back and forth ever since. I was so excited to finally meet her and her fiance on Friday, we were meeting downtown and I realized that we were meeting a public place and wasn't really sure how we would know each other. Paul and I were headed to our desitination, walking up the street and coming towards us was a super cute couple, I turned to Paul and I said " I bet that's them" . As we drew nearer I hear "liz?" "sarah?" I responded.... ahhhh I should have known I would know her right from the get go.

Unfortunately I didn't check ahead of time and the little coffee shop I wanted to meet at before we headed out for our shoot was closed for the week! So we headed to the other coffee shop in town and found it packed with teenagers, improvising I suggested we just go sit on the benches that overlook the river and chat there. Crisis averted!

We traisped all over town, from one end of Main St. to the other, chatting and laughing and taking a few photos in between. Sarah amazed me with her high heel wearing abilities.. she even climbed up and down the rock embankment with ease. I am such a clutz I would have ended up with a broken leg had I even attempted such a feat. And Ryan was really just along for the ride.... what a good guy! :)

They are such a fun couple, and so obviously in love. You can tell in the way they interact, the private little looks and hushed comments that bring smiles to their faces. I've said it before and I'll say it again(probably more than once) I love, love.

A lovely little field at one end of town.


Onto the river in the middle of town.


The tide was coming in and as they stood here a little wave came in and lapped at their feet and this is what ensued. hehe

Finally we moved on to the bridge at the end of town. I love that this spot overlooks the church where Ryan and Sarah will get married this summer. <3

Hello beautiful! I love that everytime Ryan looks at Sarah he is smiling and whenever Sarah looks at Ryan she is doing the same thing... L.O.V.E. it!

Sarah and Ryan I am beyond honored that you have chosen me to photograph your wedding, thank you. I cannot wait until this summer when we meet again. :)