Three ~Mid Coast Maine Photographer~

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a nice long blog post, it's be awhile and I have so much stored up. hehe

You might not know it when you look at my blog but I have three children... uh huh I do to!                       Lilia is featured here often because she likes the camera but my boys.. my boys run as if the devil himself will come out of the lens and steal their souls if they let me take a photo of them.

There are two techniques to getting a photo of either of my boys, one involves lots of yelling and threatening to take away phones and any other means of electronic communication if they don't "just sit still and let me get a decent picture of you for crying out loud!" the other is like a covert military mission in which you catch them in the act of being themselves and stealthily take a photo before they notice that the black box soul stealer is around Mummy's neck again. Neither method is ideal or fun or particularily successful but it is typical of most teenage boys( I think ).

So since I rarely get decent photos I thought I could at least tell you a bit  about each one of them and maybe when they read it they will be embarrassed enough to want that to never happen again and start letting me take photos of them, evil genius no? bwahahahahaha

Grady is a get it done kind of kid, he wants things done as soon as he can get them done so he doesn't have to think about it again. This is good and bad... good that he gets stuff completed, bad that he isn't really particular in how it gets done. Prime example when he was born he was so anxious to take his first breath he sucked in a huge lungful of air and popped a small hole in his lungs which caused an air pocket to form around his heart and he had to be in the NICU for a few hours until they got that situation under control.

He is FUNNY in a 'way beyond his years observant' kind of way, he makes me laugh...a lot... like almost peemypantslaugh.    

                                                                                                                                                                     He cares about what is going on in our world. He is a liberal through and through(ahhh that makes my little bleeding heart happy).

He is confindent(or can fake it really well) in new situations and always willing to try something new.  Like the summer he decided to paddle the Allagash at summer camp or when he went to Chicago to speak at the MUN conference in front of 200+ kids despite being scared to get up and talk in front of a classroom full of kids, let alone 200 give or take.

Grady will no doubt find that he truly enjoys school when he gets to college and can focus more on his likes and I forsee a lengthy college career for him. Doing what I'm not sure.. perhaps some kind of language(he is amazingly good with languages) or maybe social science, but definitely a Masters in his future at the very least.

Gavin is my procrastinator(just like me), middle child(just like me), heart on his sleeve(just like me) kid. He is smart!!!! When he was 3  Paul and I were in the kitchen while he sat at the counter, we were talking about this huge word he had used the day before and I was simply astounded he could even say it let alone use it in a sentence. I said "I can't believe the words Gavin uses" Gavin says "How about these words Mummy, I haven't had breakfast yet."  I had to leave the kitchen for a few minutes so he wouldn't see me laugh.. it was so funny and SO Gavin.      

                                                                                                                                                                  He cares... a lot... about everything. He feels everything very passionately(again much like his Mother), he believes in fairness to a fault and he loves everyone openly and without hesitation and when given cause he dislikes people openly and without hesitation. Of course some of that has become harder to see as he has grown up but it's still there, underneath that angry, sarcastic bravado.. hence the need for the angry, sarcastic bravado.  Being that open to feelings brings with it the tendency to get hurt easily and often.  Yesterday I was outside looking for chickens( a whole 'nother story) and found the following words written in Sharpie on the foundation of the house "A Plaque in memory of our chickens and Russell the rooster, R.I.P.". We have lost 5 chickens and 3 roosters in the last month, most of them this week.  He was upset by the loss of our chickers and roosters but didn't want to talk about it so he wrote about it... on. the. house. That sums Gavin up pretty nicely.

Gavin will be very successful... once he figures out how to harness his amazing brain and learns a few more coping skills for those strong emotions.  He will likely go on to do something creative, let's just hope he figures it out well before his Mother did, 35 is much too late to start realizing what you want to do with your life. LOL Something creative or he'll find a cure for cancer or the common cold, he's that kind of kid. 


PS. Most of these pictures were taken in stealth mode, only one was taken via the cajoling, bribing, yelling method, can you tell which one?