Part One The Lewiston Chronicles |Maine Couples Photographer|

On a lovely May Day Paul and I met up with a bunch of photographers for a lovely photowalk around Lewsiton. We reunited with old friends and made lots of new ones, we laughed, we ate and we photographed till the sun went down.

The lovely Alison Douglas organized the whole thing and did a fabulous job I might add! You should definitely head on over to her blog and check her out. Alison and I went to school together right up until senior year when she left for the greener pastures of another high school, we hadn't seen each other since then(except that one time when I was waitressing and she was a new mother but I don't count that because we barely got to speak to each other).

We were joined by photographers Deb Whitaker who had some brilliant ideas for posing and Ryan Moore and his fiance Brandi Stevenson who were so sweet... seriously such nice peeps. Then there was Tiffany Winchenbach our bride/photographer.. she rocked out her wedding dress and modeled for us then took some photos of her own! We also were luck to have Cassandra Cash and her fiance Jason model for us.. Cassie is a cheer coach and it turns out used to be a gymanst on the same team Lilia is now on(it's small, small world) You're welcome for that... I know you're singing it. bwahaha

*begin channeling of random contestant on Project Runway* Last but not least in our line up of models was the fabu Ms. Kristen who brought it with a vengence, that girl was fierce. *end channeling of random contestant on Project Runway*

We were also joined by the talented stylist Hillary Robertson who styled out models in an alley on a folding chair, while pregnant.. gotta love someone willing to roll with it. :)

And let's not forget all of the husbands who joined us as well.. they did what a good photographer's husband does and carried our bags, without complaing... much. We really do appreciate all the support and bag carrying, we couldn't do it without you. Well we could be our backs would be much worse for the wear.. so you know.... thanks!

Meet the gorgeous Cassie and her totally handsome fiance Jason... such a cute couple.

Cute right?? I loved that they never questioned anything, they just did it and usually with a smile.

Lovely, lovely, lovely

Stay tuned for Part Two in which we meet Tiffany and learn all about rabid squirrels and death eater crows.