Part Two The Lewiston Chronicles |Mid Coast Maine Wedding Photographer|

Part two of our tale begins with Tiffany.. who, like most everyone else, we met for the first time when we stepped out of our vehicle in Lewiston. She was pointed out to us as "the one who brought her wedding dress!" Let me tell you it is not often that you get a lady dressed up in her wedding dress who will allow you to drag who through the back alleys and streets of even a small city.... trust me people look at you like your a bit off when you ask. We photographers were all a bit giddy with the prospect. But Tiffany was no ordinary lady being dragged through the alleys and streets, oh no, she was also a photographer. One minute she would be climbing up a concrete wall to pose for us the next she would be climbing up a concrete wall(still in her wedding dress mind you) to get the perfect vantage point for the shot. Watching her was much more entertaining than watching me with the pole, but that's a story for another day. :P

Then we met up with the crow and the squirrel. We were in this lovely little alley, garbage and dust swirling about our feet like snow on a blusterly winter day, except bigger and browner,  when I see up ahead of us a crow attacking a poor defenseless little grey squirrel. The squirrel was fighting for his life and it was evident he was losing, evident in that the crow had him in his talons and was getting ready to take flight. What do I do? Do I let nature take its course.. on no.. not me I scare the crow off, thus saving said poor defensless little creature. It was then that I noticed the squirrel was acting a bit.. off.. he was panting and squeaking and as I got closer he growled at me! GROWLED! and he hissed I might add. It was clear this was NO country squirrel this here was a bonafied city squirrel, probably one of those gang bangers they're always talking about on the news. Come to think of it I think I saw a tiny red bandana in that garbage swirling about our feet and that tiny knife I found that I assumed went to a Clue game, in hindsight I see now it was probably his.

We all decided that said squirrel was probably rabid and I had done it no favors "saving" it from the big bad crow.  That's what you get when you try to save a furry creature... rabid squirrels!

Now you know all about squirrels of the country and not so country variety and the crows who eat them, aren't you glad you took 5 minutes out of your life to read that? :P


Onto the photos.. you know the things you probably came here to see.

Tiffany is too cute and I LOVED the sunglasses with the dress, perfection!

See she really did scale cement walls for us.


Next up on The Lewiston Chronicles.. meet Kristin... she's fierce!