Wicked in Grips |Mid Coast Maine Photographer|

Beware this next post will be full of bragging and bad sports photography. A sports photographer I am not but I a gym Mum I am and so you will now be regaled with the full tale of our last meet of the season, the most important meet of the season, the whole reason you compete all season long is to get to REGIONALS!

As most of you know by now Lilia is a gymnast and a pretty darn good one at that, her mother is a photographer BUT not a pretty darn good gymnastics photograher so bear with me. :)

We started the weekend on Friday with a quick stop in Bath to pick up a lens that we were borrowing for the weekend(YAY!) and then we headed on to Manchester, NH, which seemed like a quick trip compared to last years Glenns Falls, NY. As usual my stomach was in knots but Lilia was happy and relaxed and totally excited to be staying in a hotel(the girl LOVES staying in hotels *shrug*). We arrived in Manchester and checked in with time to spare before the Level 7-10 meet that night, so we took Lilia to the mall... I mean why explore the totally gorgeous campus of Saint Anslem college when there is a mall available. Can you tell we were traveling with an almost 12 year old?

We spent time watching the older girls that night, had dinner at Lilia's favorite restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse, then went back to the hotel where Lilia snuggled in for the night with her own TV. Paul and I headed off to the other room(yup we had a suite... swanky right?) and immediately fell asleep.

We were up at quarter to six the next morning and I was in full gym Mum mode, doing hair, getting her breakfast, making sure the gym bag was packed, giving last minute pep talks and sage pieces of advice like "breath"....... all done to make me feel better not her, she and I both know it and she lets me think I'm helping her and I get to feel like I have some bit of control over what is about to happen. 

I am such a freak when it come to her competing, I am pretty sure it's a problem. I get nervous stomach, I shake, I'm fidgety, I can't concentrate... it's so bad that after she gets off an event I am shaking so bad from nerves that I can't hold a pen to record her scores. She on the other hand is laughing, relaxed and having a ball. She is a great competitor in that she can take her adrenelin and use it to help focus on what she needs to do, and she just LOVES to compete, it's her favorite part of gymnastics.

First event was floor.. her worst event. She rarely scores above an 8.0. I was even more nervous than usual being that this was regionals AND it was her first event, scores tend to be lower in the beginning of the meet. Out she went and she preformed like a pro... a truly great routine for her.

 Once I got over the nerves from floor I was feeling a bit better about the meet, Vault was next and that is her event. Her first vault was good.. not her best but still a darn good vault, her second vault she messed up a bit so we knew she would be getting scored from that first vault and what a score it was!

After vault she went on to bars, which could be bad there is one move that she lost for a bit last year but has it back now, but still sometimes she misses. So the nerves were back... full force! She did another beautiful routine... and while not 9.15 she got at states it was still a decent score.

Last up was beam... UGH beam, the potential for a high score is there, she is graceful and when she hits her routine it is gorgeous BUT the potential for falls is HIGH and once you have fallen once it is very hard to get back up and keep your concentration.

She didn't fall, she did her cartwheel and stayed on even with a little bobble, her leap was big, her jumps were high, she almost fell off on a pose. LOL

Overall she had a great meet, she took 8th place All Around. That's 8th best gymnast her level, her age in the Northeast!

Mummy is just glad competition season is over. Phew!