tick tock |Maine Children's Photographer|

nooo not the Ke$ha song *shudder*


So somewhere over the years I lost something, something very dear to me and I didn't even realized I had lost it until today as I was browsing through some old photos cleaning out and organizing. There it was a photo of what I have lost and I remembered... I remembered having it, but I didn't remember losing it.

I used to have this:

This adorable little girl with her too big for her face teeth and her gangly limbs and too sweet for words smile.

She's gone.. and now I have this:

 Now I have this poised almost teenager, who isn't quite sure if she's more adult than child or more child than adult. She's still silly and still has a too sweet for words grin but she hides herself more now, she guards herself from the world and its hurts. She knows that everyday it's becoming more her job than mine to keep her feelings and herself happy and safe.  It's a good thing this self reliance, it's what we as parents strive for... it means we did good.. it means we are helping her become the confident person she is meant to be.. but I can't help look at that first picture and wish for one more day with that goofy, gangly little girl.

Oh and she'll be 12 this month...how did that happen in the blink of an eye?