Country Girl |Mid Coast Maine Photographer|

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you become completely aware of what you are NOT and in turn exactly what you are? I did..... this weekend.... while traipsing about Lewiston with a group of photographers I had only just met(well all except one and I hadn't seen her in 19years!).

I am NOT a city girl, nope, not me. While I can appreciate why people would be city girls(or guys) and I can see the lure of that lifestyle, it is simply not me. I am country through and through, give me my chickens rather than pigeons, dirt roads that cover my car in dust to streets with traffic lights and my house surrounded by trees rather than tall buildings.

How you ask do I know this so unequivically? Well because whilst shooting in the back alleys of Lewiston with lots of amazing urban backdrops what do I shoot? What do I seek out and find the most facisinating of the opportunities presented to me?


That's right folks, while surrounded by graffiti-ed walls, rusting fire escapes and loading docks I shot a beautiful crab apple in bloom and found the smallest bit of vegitation to shoot through. It's official, I'm a country girl.