Typical |Mid Coast Maine Pirate Photographer|

Yesterday was just a typical day in the Hayford house we woke up late and headed to Bremen to pick Grady up from a friends house. Came home, showered and headed to town to fight the pillaging pirates.

They stormed by sea(what else do pirates do?) with canons booming and muskets blasting!

While we were there we found Ms. Crystal McLain, Lilia's massage therapist who happened to be selling the most awesome toe rings ever! No really they are awesome.. custom fit and everything! You should definitely check them out at www.perfecttoerings.com. I got three, two solid silver and one twisted silver and gold... sigh.... perfection. I think I might need a beaded one or two for my other foot now. :)

Anyway while we were there and I was getting fitted we saw this couple... swoon... gasp..... faint...... I was otherwised occupied with the whole custom fitting of toe rings so I asked Paul to grab a photo of these two. My only regret is that I didn't specify that he get a full body shot because I really wish I could show you the rest of that dress and her most perfect shoes.


Once we were assured that town was safe once again and the pirates were well on their way back out to sea we came home and decided today would be a good day to teach Grady to drive. EEEK! Ummmm really.... he's old enough to drive?! HOLY CRAP!!!!!

Ok not to be a negative Nelly or anything because Paul was the one in the car NOT me but I think he forgot to tell Grady the most important lesson of driving... KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!  Paul's having a good time anyway.

While I am having a near heartattack as Grady drives off down the road Gavin comes outside to watch.. hoping to see his brother crash no doubt, and I got pictures of him.. not just pictures but pictures where he isn't scowling.. AMAZING!

Think that pirate sticker could stay there for the next... ohhhh I don't know, 5 years? hehe I kid, I kid!

Hmmm that seems like a full day.. NOPE not done yet, Lilia is having girls over for a slumber party... but only one girl could make it :(... no fears though, we made the best of it and they had fun anyway!

Poppy thought she should have some cupcakes too!

THEN the two girls got ready for the very last dance of their 6th grade year! And the last dance of Gavin's 7th grade year! As we ran to the car so that we wouldn't be late I asked them for just a couple pictures, this is what I got.....

6th grade almost 7th grade girls are awesome!!!!!!

Then (yes one more then) we came home, waited to pick them up, brought them home, went to bed to the sound of little girls giggling and I dreamed of LOST and campers ?*shrug*? Who knows what goes on up there in the ol' grey matter.

Just a typical Saturday in the Hayford house.