Boredom and Ripsnorters |Maine Children's Photographer|

Ahhh summer vacation, the kids wait all year for summer vacation then not 48 hours into it they're "bored".  I didn't take them swimming yesterday OR today.. bad Mummy! and they were adrift on a sea of boredom with nary a sighting of entertainment to be seen. Forget that they have rooms full of "things" to do, books to read, crafts to craft, gaming systems to game.... nope they're bored! *sigh*

A huge storm blew over at the height of their boredom... a ripsnorter as my mother calls them, known to the rest of mankind as a bad thunderstorm. Lightening lit up the sky and thunder rolled as Paul and I scrambled to put the baby chicks back in the coop and unplug the computers to protect them from that rogue lightening strike that is just bound to explode every piece of electronics in my house. The kids lolled about on the couch drowning in their boredom. *sigh*

I settled down with a good book or autofinder(whatever) and settled in to wait for the storm to pass. The thunder and lightening eventually stopped but it was still raining cats and dogs(no not really) when what do I hear??? Is that children's laughter? ... I look outside to see Gavin standing in the rainwater deluge coming off the roof and Lilia running through the lakes that pose as puddles in my driveway.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of the shower Gavin took in the roof water but I did get him running through the puddles too.

Then they stomped in the puddles or Lake Titticaca if you prefer.

totally out of focus but I am in love with the watercolor look of this shot

a  loud clap of thunder boomed while they were splashing.. I asked them to give me their best "i'm scared of thunder" look... umm yeeEaah

*promise I don't let my kids play in thunderstorms, the thunder and lightening had stopped 15 minutes prior.. apparently this thunder clap didn't get the memo*

Remember how I didn't take them swimming today... they improvised. :|

This says it all....