Senior Time |Newcastle Maine Senior Photographer|

I was so excited to take Logan's senior photos today, mostly because he was SO not into having them done. I like a good challenge and a teenage boy who thinks having his photos taken is going to be worse than having his toenails pulled out with rusty pliars is a GOOD challenge. ha! 

I met up with Logan at his house and promised him it would be quick and painless.. heck I don't even bite.. I even told him so but Paul had to pipe in and say "hard".  That got Logan to crack a smile, always a good sign.

We started off with the photos for Mum, always the ones my senior boys like the least. Logan got right down to business though and posed himself like he had be doing it for a living( are you guys sure he doesn't model on the side?).

Yup mother always knows best.. look how handsome he is.

Then we got to do the fun shots.. the ones Logan wanted! And well apparently he knows best too(can that even happen?).

And then we took a little trip and got this shot, plus a few more ;), I think it is the perfect mix of  "what Mum wants" and "what Logan wants".. actually I kind of love it, a lot!

Thanks so much Andrea and Logan for having out to take your photos today, I had fun, I hope you did too.. at least I got you to smile and tinkerbell didn't have to make an appearance. :)