The Talented Ms. Boone

Grady has a friend,  Hannah, who is a very talented young artist, you may remember her from this post, she was the artist behind the cupcakes that adorned the arms of about half the freshman class in April of 09.

Recently she has been working hard on learning to draw/paint/create, people. She uses GIMP and does some truly amazing work. Last week she did a self portrait that I simply adored, it reminded me of the illustrations from the short lived series of books from American Girl, Hopscotch Hill, cute and whimsical. So I asked Hannah if she would considering creating one of Lilia for me(for a price of course). She said yes and I sent out the photo Monday afternoon, by Tuesday evening she was done and sent me her finished work!

I have to say I was so excited to see what she did... it was like Christmas morning opening up my email and seeing her name in my inbox... I think myh hands may have been shaking as I opened the files. LOL


This is the photo I sent her, funky crop because the original picture was taken at an odd angle, poorly lit, funny colors...but I loved it just the same.

This is what she created! I <3 it so much!!!!!

Check Hannah out at and if you want to commision her to do some work for you you can email her at emo.panda.

Now I just have to get her to do the rest of my heathens(Paul included hehe).