Something NEW |Maine Dog Photographer|

You saw that correctly... I am offering sessions with your beloved canine!

As most of you know we lost our oldest canine friend, Chloe, recently. Chloe had been with me for my journey as a photographer from my very first 35mm SLR, to the tiny kodak digital point and shoot, to my first DSLR and onto the camera I use now. She was always willing to sit and look pretty for me when the kids wanted nothing to do with a lens pointed in their direction. Chloe was a faithful companion and I am so thankful I documented her life from the day we brought her home to days before she passed. Because of Chloe and knowing how much her photos mean to me I decided it was time to start photographing other peoples dogs too.

Pets sessions will last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours at your home or your location of choice. We will typically start with a good long play session(fetch, tug, run around and act crazy)  and get your pup good and worn out. Of course there will be lots of photos of them playing and jumping and running during play time , then once they are good and tired we will do a few sitting and laying down shots. Bribes may be neccesary so be sure to let me know what treats your dog loves! Really it's not much different than a session with my kids, first get them tired then bribe them with treats to get them to look at me. :D

I love all stages of owning and living with dogs from newborn puppies(puppy breath is divine!)

to teenage goofballs..

those comfortably in their middle age...

to senior citizens

to well behaved groups!


For more information contact Liz 207-458-2123 or email