What to Wear |Maine Family Photographer|

"What should we wear?" is probably the most common question I get asked and with good reason, you want to look good for your family portraits and you want your clothes to photograph well but not detract from you and your family.

I have come up with a few options for families to help you see how you can create a cohesive look for your family session without having everyone look too matchy-matchy. And a few tips on how to create your own looks that suit your tastes.

Tip #1: Pick a piece of printed clothing that you love then use the colors from that piece of clothing to build the rest of the outfits for everyone else. I started with the dress  then used the colors in the dress to create the other outfits. Everyone matches but no one looks like twins. :)

Tip # 2: pick a color palette of three colors and make sure that everyone is wearing at least two colors from your color pallete. I chose an updated version of Red, White and Blue... with one exeption to my rule for Mom because the dress was just too perfect, you could pair it up with a cute jean jacket.

Tip #3: Choose a color you just love for yourself(generally this is Mom), keep all the people of the same gender in some version of that color then dress the opposite gender in a color that looks good with your first color choice. I chose Fuschia for Mom because it looks great on summer tanned skin, then picked a nice fushcia shirt with cute detail for Big Sis and an adorable gigham dress in a similar color for Baby Sis. Dad and Baby Bro get a classic look with khaki or plaid shorts and navy blue polos.

Tip #4: Keep visual interest by using some patterns, plaids, stripes, checks.. not too much but a bit here and there. :)

I hope these tips help you decide what to wear with confidence!

Coming soon, what to wear: Senior Girl Edition!