Remembering the Details |Maine Photographer|

More of my favorites from sessions past.

I remember details from every single session I have had since I started, small details, things that really seem so insignifigant.

Like this little girls Mom had a whole different outfit picked out for her but Ms. N fell asleep in the car on her way to the session and was having NONE of getting changed. Look how cute she is though, can you believe minutes earlier the poor thing was crying?

This gorgeous Momma and her two sweet little guys were so much fun! This little guy splashed in the puddles in my driveway and got SOAKED! It was November and not all that warm but he really didn't seem to care.

This sweet little man dressed himself in his favorite outfit, his spiderman suit. He was a bit shy but when I got there I talked to him for a bit and asked him if he knew the spiderman song..he said yes and sang me the first few lines. SO SWEET, probably one of my favorite moments ever. <3

 And this last little guy and his dog..... bittersweet memories. Harvey(the dog) recently passed and I immediatly thought of this photo when I heard. He was a sweet, loving dog and he so obviously loved his boy. When Harvey met Paul and I he immediatly started mouthing Paul and talking, he wanted patting and he wanted it now. LOL  Mr. D also as sweet as they come but all boy! He could drive his powerwheels vehicles like nobodies business!

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