Happy |Maine Senior Photographer|

A few weeks ago when Alyssa told me she might bring her vintage bike to her senior shoot I got so excited I think I jumped up and down... I know I ran and told Paul.

Today when we pulled into the Hannaford parking lot and I saw it on the bike rack on her car I wept... OK, I didn't actually weep but I was weeping inside..... it was love at first sight( I do that a lot), I knew we would get along just fine(the bike and I).

Then I met Alyssa in the store when I ran in to buy a Moxie Yummberry Seltzer( I highly reccommend you try one) and I knew we would get along just fine too.

Not to say the shoot wasn't without it's moments, like the one where we drove to the DRA where we were supposed to have our shoot only to realize there was a concert there that night. :O A quick call to my brother remedied the situation, Thanks Rod! Or the moment where a pig thought my piggies, toes if you will, were a yummy snack. Mostly though it was heaven for me and ending up at my brothers house for the shoot instead of the DRA was perfect!

Pigs???? Did she say pigs? I'm pretty sure she said something about pigs? Who has pigs on a photoshoot?

Why yes, yes I did say pigs, my brother has three pigs and the only place he hasn't bushwacked all the goldenrod is IN the pigpen. So we climbed into the pigpen and plopped Alyssa down in the middle of it and Paul kept the pigs at bay..... mostly

Alyssa was a really good sport about it and even patted Ms. Pig(she has a name I just don't know which one she is LOL).

Isn't she beautiful... not the pig.. well she's pretty cute, but you know, the subject of this whole blog post, Alyssa, I think so!

We explored a bit and I told the girls a little about the house, like the fact that it's haunted. It is! I don't go upstairs. That's when I found the most perfect light!

Did I not tell you about the ducks? Yeah there are ducks down on the farm too... Runner Ducks, they are too funny and very curious about what we were up to.

Speaking of down on the farm, there is a tractor... an old, gorgeous, perfect for photo taking tractor and MORE gorgeous light!

Hey did she mention a vintage bicycle? How come we haven't seen it yet? Yeah what's up with that?!?!! TEASE!!!!!

Meet JC the vintage bike in question. He is a lovely powder blue and comes equipt with a kitchy little basket and sweet chrome fenders!

A perfect summer afternoon if ever I saw one!

Thanks Alyssa and Sydney for rolling with the punches and following us out into the middle of nowhere and mostly for trusting us with your senior portraits!