Maine Pet Photographer {a post for ellie mae}

My girls(you know, Izzy and Poppy) they LOVE to go to Aunty Karen's house to play, wide open fields a running trail through the woods and lots of labradors!

This day there happened to be a couple of extras there as well as the usual suspects so there was more fun to be had!

Without further ado meet the girls and Jacoby.


First up Ms. Ellie Mae, Elliebelly, Muddy Mae, the baby Momma... or just Ellie if you prefer. I love Ms. Ellie's silly, calm nature.. she is just a fun dog.

 Then there's Ms. Molly, a total clown and a total lover, I think she would crawl inside your skin if she could. She LOVES Paul.

Now somebody you haven't met before, Sassy! A name has never been so appropriate for a dog, Sassy is an intense dog who loves her boy! She has been away training for the past few months but got to come home for a little break.


And Babe, another name that total suits. She is just a sweet lovey little dog. She is a recent addition to the household(Karen's not mine) and is proving herself to be the lover of the bunch, which is pretty big feat in and of itself considering her competition.

The man, the brother, the boyfriend of Ms. Izzy... Jacoby! He is a handsome guy who was more interested in Ms. Izzy than anything else. LOL

Now a couple of faces you know well

Ms. Poppy, Popstar, the Poppers, Princess Flufferbutt, Doodles, Doodler, Ima Weener and The Brat....we show our love by nicknames around here. Poppy is a bit of a brat, she doesn't like to share her toys or her people with Izzy but they love each other just the same.

And finally Ms. Izzy, Wizzy, Beast, Beastey, Wizard, Izzard or Little Dog, she is a sweet little dog, a bit timid and VERY lazy!

I love this picture of her.. if you look very closely you can see in the background that she has her feet straight out behind her so she can get her belly right on the ground to cool off. LOL

What do labs do when they get together to play? Well let me just show you!

And Jacoby spent his time following Izzy around.

then we took some family portraits... all the black dogs and Babe got put in the house while we brought Ellie and her kids outside for a few photos.

I love this one, Ellie is like "can you believe these kids!" and Jacoby is like "no I will not sit next to my sister she has cooties!"

Can you believe how big Jacoby and Poppy are getting?! And don't they both look just like their Momma.