Bristol Maine Senior Photographer {boy!}

I don't get to photograph many senior boys, they just aren't as into it as girls tend to be so whenever I get asked to shoot a senior boy I jump at the chance.

I know Andrew from the photos on his Aunt's fridge, photos that need to be updated by the way. hehe Big brown eyes and a smile that is just like his cousins, I knew this would be a fun shoot!

Paul and I arrived at Aunty K's house(otherwise known as Poppy's Momma's Momma) and the first thing we were asked was "no dogs?". LOL It makes me laugh, there were four labradors there already I didn't think we needed my heathens added to the mix. :)

I chatted with Andrew's Mom and then we headed out to explore the lay of the land. Andrew immediately thought I might just be a little weird when I leaned him up against a tree and told him firmly to "stay!", I might have even Ceasar Milan "shhhhh"ed him.  I was at the doggy house I couldn't quite get out of my dog training mindset. :)

Then I asked Andrew to have a seat in front of the shed, I could see him thinking how crazy he thought I was but he did it without questioning.  Totally worth it!

He is a quiet type, with gorgeous eyes and a killer smile, when he decides to use it.


How could I go to Aunty K's without taking pictures of dogs? I can't! These are Andrew's two dogs Riza and Kia, they are the most well behaved dogs ever. Getting a photo of them took me 5 minutes at most, they sat where they were supposed to sit, they looked right at me and smiled(yes dogs do to smile!).  Andrew however was a bit less obediant just look at him.. not even looking at the camera. hehe Actually he was talking to his Mom and I think the smile he had for her was just too sweet to not share.

Sorry Andrew I had to do it.

He cleans up nice too and he knows it.. just look at that swagger.

Betsy thank you so much for having me take Andrew's senior photos, I loved chatting with Andrew and you. I hope we get to visit more the next time you're down. :)

Andrew have an absolutley fantastic senior year!!!

Liz xoxo