Bristol Maine Children's Photographer {Little Girls, Lighthouses and Bubbles}

Did you see what I did up there.. yup I switched it all up on you, I like to keep you on your toes!


Yesterday afternoon Paul and I headed to The Lighthouse. I know if you live in a town with a lighthouse you are wondering why did she come all the way to "insert town name here" but since you live in a town with a lighthouse you also know that your lighthouse is The Lighthouse, so we headed to The Lighthouse otherwise known as Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. ( do you think I could use the word lighthouse a few more times lighthouselighthouselighthouselighthouse hehehe).

Why you ask were we headed to said lighthouse and a more pressing question why do you care? Well I'll tell you why, because we were there to meet the cutest little girl to walk the planet. (yes I know you have a cutest girl to walk the planet so I could not possibly have been meeting the cutest girl to walk the planet because you know you haven't hired me to take photos of your girl yet but you know it's kind of like the lighthouse thing, we all think the one we know is the best so just roll with me here).

You all might remember Ms. N from her shoot last year "SHIMMER" , she's back, she's bigger.... she's FOUR!

She still has an infectious giggle BUT this year she looked at the camera! She likes me she really likes me *sigh*

She is beautiful and funny and energetic and ALL four year old little girl!

She is magic, I know she believes it and I do too!

She was quite simply the best way I could have spent my August 7th evening.

P.S. How cute are her little feet all up on their tippytoes like that.

P.P.S. You didn't think I would let you get away without seeing the obligatory photo of The Lighthouse did you? :)