Maine Family Photographer {The Sweetest Thing}

Perhaps that should be the sweetest things, because I don't think there are three sweeter kids anywhere. CJ and Carrie you should be so proud of how kind and well mannered your babies are.. because, well, they are!

Paul and I met CJ, Carrie and the kids at The Fort beach(we don't need a rehash of yesterday and The Lighthouse so just go with me on The Fort), one of my favorite places to take photos. A lovely pebble beach, boats in the harbor, rock roses and the most gorgeous light!

There was no warm up needed.. no time to get used to the camera they sat where I asked them and looked right at the camera and smiled.  YAY!

Oh did I forget to mention that they are one gorgeous family? Yeah, I know seriously could Carrie be any more beautiful?! And those three sweet things? Uh huh, pretty much the cutest three kids I've come across.

I asked the kids to tickle Mummy and Papa.. they were more than willing to oblige. <3 Don't you just love the way baby E is just kind of hanging out there enjoying the moment.

*whispers from random strangers on the internet* Why is there a crab picture up there in that collage? It's kind of weird don't you think? * end whispers from random strangers on the internet*

Well you see while we were there we saw a seagull with a crab.. a HUGE crab.. the biggest darn crab I have ever seen a seagull eat... then while we were taking pictures all you could hear was this seagull in the background peck, peck, pecking away at the poor crab. SOooooo I thought a photo of a crab might be appropriate, the crab in the photo is not, however, the crab who was ruthlessly murdered while we captured family memories. :P

Now you want something to get that awful image out of your head?

Meet Baby E  *sigh*

or how about Little Ms. E... .I could just smoosh those cheeks, but she probably hates that! Oh and she loves Tinkerbell, so do I!

And the eldest, the brother, the man going into 1st grade thank you very much! Mr. E, pretty darn cute himself!

What did I tell you? The Sweetest Thing(s)! xoxo

CJ and Carrie thank you both so much for coming out and putting up with my silliness and for trusting me with your sweet babies. xoxo Liz