Maine Wedding Photographer {the bridal shower}

I was asked to shoot one of my brides bridal shower, of course I said YES! This past Saturday Amanda's friends and family got together to throw her her bridal shower.

Amanda is getting married in the fall and her colors for her wedding are all fall colors so of course the shower was fall themed as well. Even her dress was shades of fall and looked fabulous on her!

She will be a stunning bride!

I loved the wildflower in mason jars on all the tables( it's what I had at my wedding so I might be partial hehe). And I love, loved the little dog! haha Amanda has a little french bulldog(? is that right Amanda) named Fenway who I think maybe resembles the little guy in the photos. :)

The little book you see is used to write down all the gifts and the givers for Amanda to use for her Thank You's, so much cuter than a scrap of paper like I always do.

PS see that photo up there of the sunflower, yeah my kind of amazing hubby took that. <3

All of Amanda's presents were wrapped so nicely you almost hated to see her open them. I fell in love with this little bushel basket with sunflowers decorating it and beautiful gold wrapped presents inside, kudos to the gift giver!

Amanda's sister in law to be had two bottles of wine labeled with Amanda and Greg's wedding date, such a great idea and so thoughtful.

The favors for all the guests were stunning as well... I think I took 15 pictures of just these little brown boxes. hehe

Amanda's sister made her cake for the shower and it was beautiful! I loved everything about it, the flowers, the colors, the two tiers... just beautiful!

She was totally spoiled with gifts, in a good way! Some of the guests and I were discussing how we could throw ourselves a bridal shower a few years after the fact because we needed some new household items and Amanda got some very useful very thoughtful things. :)

Amanda's Aunt made her a quilt with the date of the wedding and her and her fiance's name sewn onto a heart in the middle. I was such a lovely gift and something that Amanda and Greg will cherish forever.

I simply cannot wait for their wedding, I know it is going to be a beauitful night, with a beautiful bride.

Amanda thank you for trusting us with your big day and your shower. We loved meeting all of your family and friends and look forward to seeing them all again very soon.

xoxo Liz