Riccardo & Kate {the details}


I think that just about sums up everything about this wedding including the details. I found myself muttering under my breath "gorgeous" or "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful" more than once yesterday. Yes, I talk to myself while I shoot. :)

A big white tent: check

Lots of good stuff for a parched throat: check

Oyster bar: check

The event was catered by Swan's Way and was just about everything you could ever ask for in a wedding feast. All of the food was local and organic and delicious, and all of the centerpieces for the food tables were edible plants!

I may have had a slight obsession with the candelabra centerpiece(as in I think between Paul and I we took 20 shots of it) but how could you not it is so unique and gorgeous and perfect!

Speaking of Paul, he took all the photos below. This morning while reviewing said photos he was talking about looking for good angles and whatnot for the photos and stopped mid-sentence and was like "I'm turning into you!" hahahaha


Beautiful Decor: check

All of the wedding party's flowers and the centerpieces on the guests tables were all by the florist at Louis Doe's. More on the flowers in a later post, the brides bouquet was impossibly perfect and her maids of honor's bouquets were too.

Divine flowers: check

Chocolate frosted confection of goodness otherwise known as The Wedding Cake: check

Marzipan Fruits from Palermo, Italy: check

Hmmmm what else do we need for a wedding...

Oh yes! A bride and a groom.....more soon on our lovely bride and groom, Kate and Riccardo :)

Liz xoxo