Adam & Holly {the details}

Holly and Adam your patience has paid off I finally got my head in order and have put together part one of your blog post!

The day started out at Holly's Mums house with all the family around, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, in laws, Nieces, Nephews and friends... the exact perfect way to start off your wedding day, surrounded by loved ones. I loved seeing the whole family interact, Mimi getting grandkids grilled cheese sandwiches with the specific cheese for each little one, Bampa playing with the kids and keeping them entertained, the kids simply enthralled with Aunty in her dress and makeup and hair all done and Christina(sister) and friends helping to transform Holly into the bride she dreamed of.

I just LOVE the photo of Christina pinning the corsage onto her Mum, you can just see the love for her family shining through on Lucilles(AKA Mum) face.

And the flower girl showing her Mimi and Adam's Mum the photos of her getting her hair done at the salon earlier that morning.

When I met with Holly and Adam earlier in the summer to finalize details they both made it clear that having kids at their wedding and making sure they were a welcome part of their day was very important to them. The kids clearly adore their Aunty and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. <3

The flower girls could not have been any cuter if they tried, Ms. Maddy and Ms. Ella both clearly enjoyed dressing up like princesses and being such an important part of the day.

A sweet little story about these two that happened in not such a sweet place. Later in the evening at the reception I headed to the restroom, I could hear little girls voice coming from the stall next to me giggling and talking in low hushed voices. I glanced over and recognized the shoes of the two flower girls and then I heard the following exchange.."Ella put your arms around my neck, this potty doesn't have a cover" I looked again and saw that little Ella was trying to potty and being the good cousin she is Maddy was giving her hand and making sure she didn't fall in. It really was just the cutest thing! I know bathroom stories aren't so cute but come on you have to admit that's pretty cute!  And really that story sums up all of Holly's family, they are there for each other no matter what.

The details, the flowers, the location everything combined to create a perfect fall wedding!

Gourds with "N" carved into them so they would grow and scar with that initial, had to have been started early in the summer. Bittersweet  and twinkle lights adorned every available post and beam, acorns in old mason jars, gourds and pumpkins scooped out with bouquets of fall flowers on every table, and honey from Adam's parents hives as favors. It was all perfect!

The Contented Sole ^ made the perfect backdrop for Holly and Adam's day.

The flowers...beautiful fall colors created again by the lovely folks over at Louis Does Home Center!

As I was setting the flowers shot up, poor Paul was having a nervous breakdown, afraid that I might drop one of the bouquets into the harbor. Such little faith he has in my abilities! LOL

Up next the ceremony, the boatride(yes see that big boat docked out there, the bridal party all went on a lovely cruise around before being brought to the reception), and the reception!