Riccardo & Kate {almost time}

Hi everyone, I know I've been gone for a few days, I didn't drop of the face of the planet, although there were times when I wish I had. In fact it was something much more mundane that kept me from you, I am sick :( I ran myself down trying to do to much all at once and that combined with the horrible mold and pollen this season ended me up in the ER with an accute case of bronchitis and a severe asthma attack. I am feeling a bit better now and feel my creative energy returning so I am devoting today to blogging so you can all see what I was up to before my body made me slow down.


Enough about me, I'm sure you're not here to hear all about my health... how about some more details and getting ready shots from the fabulous wedding of Kate and Riccardo.


Kate bought her two Maids of Honor(well one is actually a Matron but we'll go with Maids for ease of use) these gorgeous earrings, chosen especially for each lady.

The Dress

I loved her dress, simple, elegant, romantic... everything a wedding dress should be. <3 

Flowers by Louis Doe Home Center, beautiful!

How sweet is this photo of her surrounded by all of the most important women in her life... triple <3

 The Bride, The Groom and The Rings... everything you need for a wedding.

Stay tuned for the ceremony... the absolutely perfect ceremony!