Mid Coast Maine Family Photographer {winter portraits}

You saw the end of this session this morning, now I want to share the rest.

I love this family.. I have known Karen and Jeff since Grady started 1st grade and Jeff was in his class.. I actually met Karen a couple years earlier when she and I were in the same dog obedience class but we didn't really chat until the boys were in school together. At that time Karen was a Chessie girl and we were just starting our journey with Labs, a few short years later and Karen had joined us in our obsession with Labradors and started breeding. I love puppies(we all know this right?) so whenever Karen had a litter at her house I was not far behind, our relationship grew from there and I would certainly count Karen among my good friends today. She and I have even been to prison together(for puppies behind bars). hehe

I have only just recently met Betsy and her two children Andrew and Emily but I really enjoy my time with them and feel like I have known them forever. :)

Karen and Betsy's Dad, Art, is a recent aquaintance as well, we got to know each other over the past weeks that I puppy sat for Karen with her latest litter of puppies.

Art walks through the woods from his house to Karen's every day to walk the dogs(that seems to include anybody who might be there and with Karen you never know who you might find in the kennel). The dogs all love Art, they know when he shows up it means walk time!

Art doesn't have any dogs of his own.. unless of course you count Rusty... hehe.

Winter sessions are pretty! And the winter landscape makes the perfect backdrop for a family portrait.....

just look at this!

LOVE this photo of Karen, Art and Jeff! I have always envied Karen's smile(that and her ability to wear red), being a girl with a smallish, downturned mouth I have always wanted a big grin. And what can I say about Jeff... that's just so him! A sidenote, Art's hat says "Wish You Were Hair"..... hehehe I love a man with a good sense of humor.

Emily plays the flute... very well I'm told, although, I didn't get a chance to hear for myself being that it was just a bit too cold out to play. :(

P.S. another good example of how beautiful this time of year is, don't you agree?!

While Emily was getting her flute, this is what ensued.... a full on snowball fight. I might have instigated this one. *snicker*

*sigh* look at that gorgeous light and that gorgeous family! xoxo

Jeff was constantly picking on his mother( I do believe this is just after he asked her if his breath smelled and blew in her face), it's a good thing she likes him.

This is what happens when you try to take a photo of 5 dogs all at the same time. hahaha

But really they were very well behaved... just look at that.. all 5 sitting still, now if only Ms. Sassy would look at me. LOL

^ see that big guy up there, just to clarify that is a labrador NOT a pony.. just in case you were confused.

Thank You to Betsy and Karen and Art and kids for coming out and playing in the snow and proving that winter is a GREAT time to get your photos taken. :)

xoxo Liz