Maine Photographer {winter fun}

Here in the Northeast we are looking at yet another week of snow storms and high winds and digging out and possible power loss, I thought I would bring us back to the first snow storm of the year when we were excited to get out in the snow and play! This was just one short month ago 12/30/10, we got like 10 inches of snow .. the perfect kind for snowmen and sledding.

Paul and I, the dogs,  the kids and Lilia's friend all headed out to do a bit of sledding and picture taking and in the dog's case running. It started out like any sledding party does... with kids walking up and down the hill, colorful sleds screaming past you at death defying rates of speed and then the same sleds held high above children's heads as they trudged back up the hill to repeat the process.

I was excited to get some good action shots of them.... I could just picture in my head the kids frozen in motion, the background blurred beyond recognition, a look of joy bordering on terror pasted to their little faces.. it was going to be great!

Then it all went downhill(pardon the pun).. at first it wasn't so bad, Poppy would photo bomb a photo or two but the kids were still able to sled...

Then Poppy realized that running along side, in front of, on top of or anywhere near the kids on the sleds was LOTS of fun. The kids were having to abandon sled left and right, left to cartwheel down the hill and into snowbanks just to avoid running over the dog. THEN Izzy saw what was happening and she joined in the chase but Izzy is a bit more manic about the whole thing she didn't really care about playing with the kids.. she wanted the sleds and would grab ahold of the back of the sled and run behind the kids as they tried to gain any amount of speed they could would an 85 lb. labrador hanging off their back.

At one point Izzy realized that riding in the sled would be way more fun than running behind the sled so she hopped in with Gavin.

Poppy gets a bit "snow stupid" when she gets outside in the snow... she forgets all manners and lessons in humility she may have ever learned and becomes the biggest pain in the butt known to man. Poor Izzy takes the brunt of Poppy's "snow stupid" ways, for whatever reason Poppy loves to beat Izzy up when they are outside in the snow. Now I don't mean she likes to play fight and wrestle, I mean she muckles ahold of Izzy's neck and doesn't let go, she pushes her into snow banks and tackles her at a full run, she just does't let Izzy get one moment of peace.

By now our idyllic day of playing in the snow has degraded to Paul and I at the top of the hill screaming at the top of our voices "Poppy NO!" "girls come!" "Izzy stay in the yard" "who wants treats?!?!?" "POPPY LET GO!" "Izzy come!" "Are you OK? that was a bad one" "Lilia grab Poppy!" "GIRLS COME!!!" "POPPY NO NO NO!" "Guys watch out here they come!" "IZZY AND POPPY COME!"

They were having a great time!

Poppy showing off her supreme "snow stupid" skills chewing on a stick.. she will chew on anything when she gets in "snow stupid" mode

"hey this stick bites back!"

Yup that's right she was chewing on a blackberry cane.. and she didn't do it just once, she kept going back and chewing on it. Snow Stupid!

At least she was distracted from the kids and Izzy. LOL

She did pause in her destruction of all things blackberry long enough to give me her signature "I am SO cute" look.

Izzy was worn out at this point from trying to escape Poppy and sat for a few good pictures. Not the sledding action pictures I had hoped for but I'm happy to have a couple nice photos of Izzy, she usually hides from the camera or looks like you are about to beat her when she sees the lens pointed her way.

She looks like a photo straight out of Ducks Unlimited.

And then there's Poppy...

xoxo Liz