Maine Senior Photographer {mason}

I met up with Mason and his Mum in Damariscotta for his senior session, I truly love shooting in town, there are so many different backdrops and spaces and it is the perfect spot for seniors. (hint, hint to those of you still waiting for your session ;) )

Mason came ready to go... I like that about the guys, they are always ready to get down to business and get the photos done! I think it is probably because they are not expecting it to be even remotely fun, but I think I change their mind by the end of the session.
I took Mason to one of my favorite spots on the river, it is literally just a few hundred feet from the bridge and Rte. 1 traffic but you would never know it.

Poor Mason, and probably his Mum too, thought I was just a little nuts when I told them we were going to stop "by that dumpster over there" to get a photo. I just love this little tree and the light is always great at that time of day. :) And see not a dumpster to be seen. hehe

A quick stop on the steps of the original Lincoln Theater entrance produced this...he has got this whole being in front of the camera thing down.  Mason says "if you think you think you look good, you do" SO TRUE!
Mason told me he wants to go to school to become a meteorologist.. his Mum says he has always been fascinated with the weather and it's causes... I say look out Joe Cupo!

We ended our session in the back parking lot. Sounds so uninspiring doesn't it? But like I said I love this town, even the parking lots have gorgeous views!

I caught this moment as Mason was taking a break for his eyes, all that smiling and not squinting gets a bit tough after an hour or so. I like to capture these little moments of kids just being themselves, just them taking a moment before putting on their 'game face' again. These moments are always my favorites.

Finally our session was coming to an end, poor Mason's eyes had had it( I totally understand Mason, mine get the same way), so we headed to the dock for one last set of shots. Another gorgeous backdrop with a handsome kid to boot, I couldn't go wrong.
Thank You Mason for being such a cooperative subject and for not running screaming from my constant 'talk, talk, talk' -ing. I wish you all the best in your Senior year and your future endeavors, I'll be looking for you on the news in a few years. :)
Thank You Mum for trusting me with his senior portraits. You were both a total joy to work with and I really loved meeting you.

And an extra thank you to Emily for recommending me to Mason and his Mum!