Maine Senior Photographer {grady}

I finally made time to take Grady's senior photos.... I think I might have been putting it off, delaying the inevitable... he is a senior and he is applying to college and my not taking his photos is not going to change that.  Right now, in this moment, I am totally OK with that.. no tears, no longing for that sweet little toddler, I am just really excited for him and to see where this next chapter will take him(and us). Of course that's right now, talk to me in 10 minutes. :P

I asked him if he wanted a full on shoot that would last over an hour and he said... "I think I'm good with that, I mean it's not like I have to get photos for my Mum you know" Point taken. So we stopped on our road for a few in a great little patch of fading sun and got what are probably my favorite shots of the night.
I am thinking senior photo for this one.

Then up to town, because I am just loving shooting there right now. I got some good shots but Grady was not being very cooperative.  It was so bad that Paul actually had to make noises with his mouth  and dance a round like a fool just to get a smile. Actually I think that might have been Grady's master plan all along, 'get Dad to look like a fool in public', check!
Probably my favorite spot of all time, I love the tree line, the water, the dock.. pretty much everything about this one little spot.

and finally a picture of a genuine smile, induced by behavior described above. :D


Now I get to experience the frustration agony of trying to choose a photo to have printed up for all my family and for the yearbook. UGH!

Thanks for looking and please do share any opinions you may have about senior photo choices. :)

xoxo ~liz