Maine Senior Photographer {alisha}

Another senior session yesterday with another gorgeous senior girl! And yet another senior girl that I have known since she was just a little, little girl.

It is bittersweet being able to take their senior photos, these kids I have known almost their entire lives. I LOVE seeing them all grown up, I LOVE having those few moments to get to speak with them and find out what their hopes and dreams are but at the same time it makes me sad to know that I won't be able to see their lives unfold in the same way I have been able to.  Maybe that's why it makes me so much sadder taking their photos then it did taking Grady's... I know I will always be in Grady's life, I will always know what he is up to and how he is doing but all his schoolmates, all those kids that I have watched grow from 1st grade through senior year and come to care about will be gone and I will be lucky to hear updates every now and then.

Enough of that though.. you all don't come here to listen to me carry on. :)
How about some photos of Alisha! Such a beautiful girl! I took her photos 3 years ago when I first started my business and I told her that when she was a senior I hoped to be able to take her senior photos because she was so natural in front of the camera. Lucky me she came back!
LOVE this sweater on her..  yellow is definitely your friend Alisha!
It was a bit windy yesterday, if you live in Maine you know what I'm talking about! We fought the wind her whole session but every now and then we got lucky and the wind cooperated with us!
LOVE this shot... I mean big puffy hearts with rainbows and unicorns LOVE. I know I don't get a vote but if I did I would vote for this one for your senior photo Alisha. :)
Fighting the wind and the sun Alisha still managed to pull out the gorgeous! This would probably be my second choice.
Thank you Alisha for braving the wind and for traipsing all over hill and dale with me. Best wishes for an amazing finish to your senior year and good luck as your pursue your nursing career!

Thanks to Christine and Wayne for choosing me to take Alisha's photos!

xoxo ~liz