Maine Senior Photographer {jessie}

Sunday afternoon I met up with Jessie, her Mum Lynn and her sister Hayley for what would be my third senior shoot of the weekend. I was really excited for this shoot a) because it gave me a chance to find out what Jessie is up to and b) because it was at Clark's Cove Farm and I have been dying to take photos there for a few years now!

We were a bit worried about the weather and Jessie was concerned that the sun wouldn't show but when we arrived at the orchard the sun was shining and it was the perfect weather for a walk around the farm. :)

Jessie is another classmate of Grady's, I loved catching up with her and her Mum and seeing that Jessie is still just as sweet as she ever was. :)
After wandering the orchard for a bit we headed back up to the barn/main area to shoot around the buildings a bit...

.... and that's when we met Tim, the owner of this amazing property. There is a fabulous old carriage house that has been completely renovated and was the perfect backdrop for a couple of photos( I think there is an apartment above that carriage house that is available for weekly rentals!)

Jessie was totally into the session at this point, can you tell?! <3

At this point Tim asked if we had seen the front garden, to which I replied "no", because I am really verbose like that. So he led the way and oh what a garden it is! I could shoot her all day long, every day and never get bored.
Tim has statues in all four corners of the garden, each one representing one of the seasons. This is Jessie with Fall, isn't she gorgeous? Jessie(but the statue too hehe).
Jessie thank you so much for having me take your senior photos, you were amazing!

Lynn thank you for arranging such an amazing spot for Jessie's shoot and for having such an amazing kid!

Tim thank you for letting us use your property and showing us around!

xoxo ~liz