Maine Newborn Photographer {maya}

What's that say up there?!? Newborn Photographer.... really? Didn't I always say I would never do newborn photography... I should have learned by now, never say never!  How could I resist this little one, all smooshy and pink and perfection all wrapped up in one little babe.

Paul and I were so happy to attend Steve and Danielle's wedding last January(stop doing the math people! she's a honeymoon baby <3) and were even happier to hear they would be expecting their first baby! I wracked my brain for a gift we could give them at the arrival of sweet little Maya. A gift that would be useful and something they could enjoy and something they weren't likely to get 100's of(like cute baby girl clothes, who can resist a sweet little baby girl dress?!) so after much wracking of the old grey matter I finally asked Paul if he thought they would like me to take photos of Maya. Once the words left my mouth Paul was immediately on the phone texting Steve to ask him when they wanted to set up a time. LOL

So today was the day, Maya was 16 days old and slept like a champ(once she was fully satiated... the food coma is always a good thing!).

We all got a bit of pee and poop on us and we sweated our bums off but it was all worth it ... at least I think so. :)
Thank you so much Danielle and Steve for allowing us to come into your home and photograph Maya. She is absolutely beautiful!