Maine Senior Photographer {keenan}

Keenan was my last senior of the year(at least I think he was there could always be that last minute shoot hehe). We met at the swimming hole, the dam, Bristol Mills... whatever you call it, I call it lovely. You have seen photos of my own kiddos there during the summer swimming, it is a staple of our summers.... "Will you take us to the dam?" is heard daily. But it is a beautiful location every season.
I was a bit worried about our session this day, it started out beautiful and sunny but it began to cloud up as I drove home from work and by the time I was headed to meet Keenan and his Mum, Beverly, it was cloudy and looked for all the world like it was going to rain.

The rain held off and the wind stayed away and it all turned out just perfectly!

Keenan is a private kind of guy so I'll just let the photos do the talking and not talk too much about what a fun session we had. :D

I lied I have to tell you he was not too keen( I promise that wasn't a pun) on this pose but I promised him it would look nice, especially with the water behind him. I think I was right. lol

Beverly requested a location where we could get photos of Keenan by a tree, by the water and with a bridge.... I think I got her covered.
Finally I had to take them over the bridge and out into this field, the fall landscape was too perfect to miss.
Keenan, thank you for being so compliant with all my requests even when you thought maybe I might be making you look silly... I promise I didn't!
Beverly, thank you for having me take Keenan's senior photos, I know what an important part of their year this is(especially to parents) and I am always so honored to be chosen for the task!