Maine Wedding Photographer {matt & audra}

You saw some of the gorgeous details from Matt & Audra's wedding now how about some of the gorgeous moments because really isn't that what it's all about?!

Audra and her bridesmaids got dressed at 49 Franklin, the afternoon light streaming in through the windows was just another reason why this space is perfect. Audra was a bit nervous but mostly just excited to get to the church and see Matt and get on with the day.
Audra's bridesmaids were all there for her to help her into her dress, help her stay calm after the umpteenth call from Matt(this one informing her he couldn't find his shoes) and to celebrate one of the biggests days of her life. And through it all Audra's Mum was there, beaming, at her beautiful daughter.
Audra and Matt chose to do a first look, so we got to the church about 2 hours before the ceremony to get those first look photos, then do the group photos and have them out of the way so that after the ceremony they could have a few more photos done then be free to enjoy their reception.
Audra loved the idea of the first look and came to me knowing that she wanted to do it, Matt, on the other hand needed a bit of convincing... right up to the day of the wedding we were not sure if that first look was going to happen or not. As a compromise they did their first look in the church as Audra walked down the aisle towards Matt, just like it would happen at the ceremony but just them, no guests looking on, it was a beautiful moment and is perhaps the best 'groom sees his bride for the first time' photo I have ever had the pleasure of taking.

This little church was the perfect match for Audra and Matt, beautiful old stained glassed windows, no electricity, a patina of age on the walls and floor and really just everywhere... I think it was waiting for Matt and Audra.
I love the smile on Audra's Dad's face as he prepares to walk her down the aisle, there is not an ounce of sorrow there, simply love and happiness.

The ceremony was traditional and lovely and funny.... I love a ceremony with a few jokes thrown in to break the ice. :)
All of their guests were requested to wear vintage clothing, they could pick an era from the 20's through the 50's and most of them did! It was really fun to see all the different dresses and suits and the hats... oh the hats!
Of course the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all dressed for the occasion... LOVE the suspenders on the guys and the amazing hair on the girls!

I caught this lovely shot of Audra as she stood at the side of the church watching all her guests leave for the reception.

Matt was off having a little ride in the Ford coupe that he had been loaned for the week, when this happened!
Audra was super impressed.
hehehehehe Not to worry guys, it was all set up a few days before hand. The police were so nice to come and pretend to pull over Matt just so we could get this picture. :)

Once all the guests had gone on down the road on their way to the reception site, we took a few final photos of the wedding party.
Paul took this one...

what are they all looking at you ask? Well immediately after taking that photo he took this one....

Yup, that's me laying down in a field, with a dress on, with my giant lens, playing nature photographer, all so I could get this photo. :)
We couldn't leave the church or that gorgeous sunshiney light without a photo or (10) of the bride and groom together.

After this they hopped in a super cool Buick(skylark I think?) and took off down the road to get to the reception. Here they are finally arriving! be continued. :)

xoxo ~liz