Maine Senior Photographer {jalen}

It seems that all you hear about teenagers is the bad stuff, the disrespect, the bad attitudes, the laziness, the sense of entitlement... if what you hear about teenagers is to be believed they are truly horrid to be around. I think these kids have gotten a bad rap. The kids I have dealt with have all been just really great kids, some with a bit more attitude than others but all of them very respectful and polite and just plain fun to be around.

I don't think teens hear it enough but they are great people with a unique view of the world and deserve our respect just as much as we deserve theirs.

So this is just a quick Thank You to all you parents of teens out there who have raised your kids to say please and thank you and who have created these really great people who are fun and amazing and just all around wonderful people to get to know. Thank You!

Jalen was no different. He apologized for having to reschedule and said please and thank you and was really just a total delight to be around. Good job Mum and Dad! and Thanks Jalen!

Jalen is a golfer and all around sports kind of kid, so it was only natural he chose to have his photos done at our local golf course. I was pretty excited to take photos there 1) because I have always wanted to do photos there and 2) because Jalen's Mum hooked us up with golf carts and I have never been in a golf cart and they just plain look like fun! Turns out when you are driving a golf cart on a rain soaked course on hills that are 45 degree angles or better(that might be an exaggeration) it is kind of terrifying! :D

I knew there was one shot I had to get, so I had Jalen borrow a club because he didn't bring his with him and we got that shot. The light and the sky were perfect for what I had in mind and Jalen was a total pro with the posing!
We got this shot right on the first hole, before the terrifying ride down the hill in the golf cart.
Jalen knew all the good spots and when I said I knew there was a little foot bridge somewhere he took off in his golf cart and we followed close behind and he led to this. :) (Us being Paul and I, Paul drove, thank goodness I didn't have to!)
Then as I eyed a pretty little swampy area, Jalen pipes in with "that hole is really ugly, there's nothing over there, but over on hole(fill in the number here) there is a little pond with tall grass and stuff" he was right and it worked out perfectly!
Then we sped back across the course, sliding sideways around slippery mud filled corners, avoiding puddles that were more like lakes and back up that hill of doom(I was thankful I didn't have to walk it!) to the clubhouse where we finished up our session and where I found the most perfect old barn wall ever!


Thank You Jalen for meeting us on the coldest day of the year, so far, and for being such a trooper. Sitting in the wet and slogging through the water logged course to get these done!
Thank You Chris and Kerrilyn for raising such a great kid and for loaning him out for a few hours last night!