Maine Maternity Photographer {holly, adam and aj }

I was SO honored when Holly asked me to take her maternity photos...and the fact that I got to do them a little more than a year after I took her and Adam's wedding photos was doubly awesome to me!

You may remember Holly and Adam from their gorgeous wedding photos last year... this couple really knows how to be in front of the camera. <3 I knew this was going to be an amazing session! I was however a tiny bit worried this being my first maternity session, but I should have known Holly and Adam would make my job E.A.S.Y.

These were among the first few photos we took.... Holly you are one gorgeous pregnant Mama!


After those shots any jitters I may have had were gone and I knew that no matter what I had THE shot, turns out every shot was THE shot. :)

While we waited for Adam to get back from checking on his Green Egg(google that, it will be worth it!) we played around a bit on the porch of the cottage we were shooting at... beautiful!

I had one shot in my head that I wanted to try, I knew that it would either come out really lovely or really dorky... glad it worked out in my favor(at least I think so hehe).

So there was this photo from their wedding last year, they were standing side by side looking rather stoic, perhaps a bit deflated even, it's funny and sweet and I loved it, so did they(although I think they maybe just find it funny :D )! So we decided to recreate that photo and while I did get a fairly decent replica I just had to show this one instead. Isn't Holly the cutest darn pregnant lady you have ever seen?!
After our little sojourn to the field with it's land snail infestation(seriously there were millions of the the little creepy crawlies!) we headed back to the cottage for a few more photos. I loved this photos of Holly and Adam and the bell,y AKA AJ, just relaxing on the couch, it's such a sweet simple photo.
Ok I lied I had exactly two ideas coming into this shoot.. this was my other and again I knew it could either be great or awful and again I think it really worked. I LOVE this, I wish I had done a shot like this when I was pregnant a million years ago. I'll give you three guesses just how pregnant Holly is and the first two don't count. hehehe
thank you. thank you. thank you. Holly and Adam, I am so happy to have been able to capture these images for you and to help you celebrate your new addition to your family! Congratulations!!! And I can't wait to meet little AJ, if he is anything like his parents the camera is going to LOVE him.

xoxo ~liz

PS. there are so many images from this session that I just adore I will be sharing more once I have the gallery up, I just can't keep them all to myself. :)