Maine Children's Photographer {BOO!}

It's that time of year again...time to see how creepy my kid was this year. Lucky me I got two creepy kids for the price of one because Lilia had a friend come over to join her for facepainting and trick or treating.

So what was lurking in my woods this year you ask?

They started out like this...

but quickly got into character with a little zombie action a la Thriller..

Still a little too cute and not quite so scary...

Now we're getting closer.... definitely feeling a bit creeped out but still not totally feeling it.
THEN we headed for sobri to drop the kids off for trick or treating and that's when I yelled at Paul to stop the car I knew the perfect place for a few more photos...

... the girls definitely got the creepy vibe down this time!
and then it was back to the Thriller moves LOL
A Happy belated Halloween to you all!

xoxo ~liz