Maine Family Photographer {twinkle II}

This past weekend I got to have two of my most favorite families in front of my lens. One was crazy enough to bring their FOUR pooches too! And can I just take a moment to say THANK YOU to my friends and family for supporting me always in all that I do, you guys all seriously rock!

First up was Lily and Hannah(or is it Hanna? I can never rememeber)... sisters who like any sisters love each other to the moon and back but they would never really admit that to your face. So I took matters into my own hands and made them actually touch each other! I take risks like that, you know laugh in the face of danger or possible sibling fights HAHA!, it generally works out well for me........

Did I forget to add I tried my hand at designing some fun new Christmas cards? Well I did and I had fun!

Next up were my very good friends Michaela and Jason and their two super cute kiddos and FOUR dogs! *sidenote* Yes everytime I say FOUR dogs! I will capitalize it and use an exclamation point, the situation totally deserves at least that much emphasis *end sidenote*
It was fun... totally laugh my butt off, hilarious fun!
While I did get more photos of them with everyone looking at the camera(even FOUR dogs!) I think this photo is just so them. <3
Thanks to both of these amazing families for trusting me with your kiddos and FOUR dogs! and of course yourselves.