Maine Family Photographer {jessica shawn chad & ben}

I love when people have specific locations they want their photos done at, I love it even more when that location has some sort of connection or meaning for that family. Jessica and Shawn were married here a few years ago(and by few I mean over 15 but under 17) so it was the perfect place for their first family photo since their boys were just little guys.

This was a mini session, just 15 minutes, but I think we nailed it in the first 2 or 3.
I know everyone always wants their photos taken in the summer but I think this time of year or even the winter is the best time... summer there is green, lots and lots of green but now there is the green of the evergreens, the last few fall colors of the oaks and all the lovely shades of the trees themselves. While I am not a fan of fall, I am a HUGE fan of how gorgeous the backdrop of fall is. :)

So we got the family photos done and decided to take just a couple of each of the boys individually and how could I say no to those faces?! They are cuties!

First up was Chad and his football jersey, being a newly minted teenager he played it cool and did just what I asked so as to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.
Then it was Ben's turn..... he had a little bit of fun with it and really hammed it up for the camera once we got rid of his fake smile.

Thanks so much Jessica and Shawn for trusting us with your family photos and for suggesting such a fabulous location!


PS if you would like your own mini session contact me for more information. :)