Maine Family Photographer {kym, seamus, keagan}

Kym won a gift certificate on my facebook page and decided to use it for a mini holiday session! Apparently she has the luck of the irish behind her because not only did she win the gc she had snow for her session!

Kym has two boys Seamus and Keagan, who were less than enthused about having their photos taken but they did it anyway because they love their Mum! I always love watching the dynamics of siblings, it is so interesting to me how different they can be. Seamus, while not super happy about having the photos done, was very down to business, let's get this done. Keagan, on the other hand, was very silly and had lots of fun making silly faces, putting snow down his brothers shirt, trying to wrestle with Mum and otherwise prolonging the experience as much as possible...hmmmmm maybe he actually liked it afterall. :D

Can you guess who is who? LOL
Keagan was fun though, you never knew what he was about to do next and while he liked pulling faces and being silly every now and then he would break out the adorable!
Seamus was a total sport about it all.. he even laughed it off when he got snow down the back of his shirt... that totally would have ended up in a fight with my boys.  He just kept on looking at the camera and smiling through it all. Thanks Seamus!!!
But whatever they were both doing one thing was obvious, they LOVE their Mum!
and she LOVES her boys!

Thanks Kym, Seamus and Keagan for a great, quick and FUN session!

xoxo ~liz